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Happiness has always been simple and honest,we have given it too many complicated components.Such as happiness with family,friends,love,work etc.


1爱的能力The ability to love


Happiness is a kind of ability, first is the ability to love.Most people now are impetuous, more and more people are selfish and lack of ability to love.Everyone lives in their own space,and isolated from each other.


How to love is our question,do you feel the needs of each other,are you concerned about each other,do you understand,respect,trust and approve each other,do you share responsibility of each other,do you share and contact with each other? These form the ability to love.


Love is powerful with more temperature, more sweet, more warm to heart,no matter how much you have,love is always the most one to make you feel happy.


2付出,给予的能力The ability to give


Not only love needs to give,any gains need to give.Nowadays we are not lack of ability,what we lack is to give and take responsibility.


Many people have been streching out the hands to take,what they concern is what someone else can give them,if there was someone said that I can not do this things,i never did this things,do not know how to do the things,or get no results at the end,he is certainly not willing to give.The willingness to give determine how much a person will pay.


Getting is a kind of happiness,giving is also a kind of happiness.

3挫折修复能力Frustration reconstruct ability


Perhaps you were full of confidence,you have done all of your efforts, but the final return are not as expected, the society is full of competition with large population,you put many of time, the effort is a drop in the bucket,you may encountered unexpected difficulties, and failed.


Setbacks and difficulties is inevitable,you need a strong heart, strong ability to reconstruct, you will not panic and distressen when counter problems, and will not easy to give up and depress.


4接纳的能力Accept ability


Everyone is different, with different ideas, different styles, different values.what the other people like, you do not necessarily have to like, and do not have to ask other people to like as you do. Respect other people,like what you like of your own, this is ability to accept difference.


When we found difference of other people,we may try to control and change the differences in instinct,if we accept differences or even make good use of this difference,we will have less trouble, less complaints,more tolerance,When we start not to be serious,our life will be more relaxed and happy.

5感恩能力Thanksgiving ability


When we feel grateful,we will release trouble feelings of life, reduce negative emotions, reduce felling of depress, angry and guilty. We may be in the blessing of life without knowing,when we thank for everything we have,so-called content is happiness,will make us feel happy.


Whether we are in prosperity or adversity,we can accept the change, live in the moment, learn to take responsibility.

6说话表达能力Speak and expression ability


How important of speaking and expression, sometimes different tone,different expression are very different.If do not express the meaning accurately, speak in skipping, and not clear in points will be misunderstood.


Such as talking between husband and wife,you and family or friends, if it is with complaining tone, unhappy tone, or freely bad emotions relieving to each other, may have quarrel,and the day will not be so good to get along.


If you can not chat with strangers, afraid of communicate with stranger,even fear and do not trust them,embarrassed to communicate with them,will not have relationship opportunity.


Knowing how to speak is a kind of art, can kindly speak with others is a kind of ability, be brave in expression and achieve better of yourself.


7做自己的能力Ability to be yourself


Happiness comes from heart,be happy to be yourself.You maybe introverted, most of introverted people want to change their own personality to be extrovert, most of the outgoing people are more popular,can not deny that you'd better change a little bit, but if you force yourself, you will lose yourself.


Improve yourself to have your own characteristics, play your own advantages, no matter what kind of personality,can do good in your own field.









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